Central Florida to see repeat of summer weather pattern for Friday

A hot, humid Friday is in store for Central Florida. 

Temperatures will be hot, with highs reaching the low and middle 90s. Once we factor in our humidity, heat indices will range from around 100°-107°. 

Be sure to stay hydrated and take lots of breaks if you have to be outdoors for an extended period of time.

LOOKING AHEAD: Our steamy and stormy stretch will continue throughout the weekend with no major changes. Afternoon highs will repeatedly reach the mid-90s. 

Daily rounds of heavy downpours and storms can also be expected into the start of July. Humidity will certainly remain a factor, with heat indices around the low 100s throughout next week.

TROPICS: Two areas in the tropics to watch for potential development are the western Caribbean and the central Atlantic.  Both could develop into tropical storms and look to ride the Caribbean circuit, impacting the Islands and Mexico. 

While some computer models take it north toward Florida, this is less likely based on the overall flow. It's also worth noting that the eastern Caribbean is known as the "hurricane graveyard" at this time of year, especially with higher wind shear to tear them apart. 

The next names on the list are Beryl and Chris.  Regarding impacts to Florida, no direct threats are imminent at this time. If that changes at any point, the FOX 35 Storm Team will make sure you're the first to know.