Daytona Beach International Airport chosen as top in the state by FDOT

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has awarded Daytona Beach International Airport the 2021 Commercial Service Airport of the Year. 

Joanne Magley said FDOT looked at three things: safety, management, and aesthetics. 

The airport was recently given a multimillion-dollar renovation that included new floors, carpets, ticket counters, seating areas, and LED video walls. 

"The people are’s easy to get in and out. it’s beautiful now that they renovated it and convenient," said Palm Coast resident Evelyn Lopez Kelley. 

Though other Central Florida flying options like MCO offer more flights and price points, Magley said it’s convenience that draws people to DAB.

"We don’t have as many flights as the larger airports but our convenience factor is really what keeps people coming back," she said. 

She said the award will be helpful in recruiting new airlines to the airport.

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