Celebration teacher being investigated, accused of having 3rd-graders clean bathroom

Some parents are upset after their children told them they had to clean school bathrooms. The third-graders attend Celebration K-8 school and the parents claim their kids were on their hands and knees scrubbing the floor. 

"They shouldn’t be cleaning the bathroom. There’s a lot of germs and a lot of bacteria and diseases involved with restrooms," said Gustavo Serrano. 

Serrano’s son was one of a number of third-grade boys allegedly pulled from class by a teacher to clean the bathroom. 

"There were other kids that said that they were on their hands and knees cleaning up the floor," said Serrano.

He and other parents sat down with the principal to discuss their concerns.  They said the principal told him the teacher was frustrated with the poor condition of the bathrooms on a daily basis.

A school board member said several parents expressed their concern to him about the situation.

"No personal protective gear was used. It just seems to be a rash decision," said Jon Arguello of District 3. 

A spokesperson for the school district said in response to the parent allegations of their children having to clean urine and feces off the floor, "In speaking with the principal, I can share that the condition of the bathroom was not as stated." 

"I have a hard time believing that any adult would make children clean up anything that wasn’t water," said Priscilla Lindsay. 

Some parents at Celebration are siding with the teacher involved asking to wait for judgment until all the facts come out. 

"I think the teachers here are extraordinarily hard-working and they deserve nothing but the benefit of the doubt and our respect," said Lindsey. "I just feel like there’s a horrible, horrible miscommunication."

That teacher has been removed from the classroom while the school investigates.

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