Caught on camera: Woman wreaks havoc at Washington state drug store

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MOSES LAKE, Wash. (FOX 10) -- A video taken at a drug store in the northeastern part of Washington state shows a woman wreaking havoc inside the store.

According to reports by iFIBER One News, described as the news operation of a cable provider that operates in that part of Washington state, the woman, identified as 23-year-old Deanna Castro, has been arrested and booked into the Grant County Jail for malicious mischief and assault.

FOX 10 has obtained video of Castro inside the drug store from Moses Lake Police Department. Officials said the video was taken by a store employee. In the video, Castro was seen throwing items that were placed on store shelves onto the floor, as well as throwing things at others. The woman later let out a big scream, before eventually laying down on the floor and cry.

According to Moses Lake Police Department officials, Castro caused substantial damage to the store.

iFIBER One News reports that police in Moses Lake have dealt with Castro on three occasions on Monday, with the incident at the drug store being the third incident. In the first incident, police were called out when Castro stepped into oncoming traffic along a roadway, and hit a car with her hand. Castro was then taken to a county mental health facility for an evaluation. Less than 30 minutes later, police were called out to the mental health facility, where Castro allegedly threw a chair inside the building and left. Outside, Castro reportedly threw rocks at several cars, breaking a tail light, and pushed over a motorcycle. After the second incident, Castro was cited, but was not taken to prison as the prison was on restriction and would not take her.

Bodycam video released by Moses Lake Police Department show Castro near an entrance leading to the drug store's woman's restroom, by the time officers arrived at the store.

Moses Lake is a city located along Interstate 90, which connects the cities of Seattle and Spokane. It is located about 104 miles (~167.37 km) southwest of Spokane, and about 177 miles (~284.85 km) east of the Seattle area.

FOX 10 reported on this story from Phoenix.