Car crashes into Ocoee store; driver flees scene

An Ocoee thrift store is boarded up, after that car smashed through the front wall Thursday night. Police still search for the driver.

At about 11:15 p.m., a black Mazda plowed through the front of the Upscale Apparel Thrift Store on Wurst Road, authorities say, causing a ton of damage.

"I was very grateful that it happened after hours and that no one was hurt and that no one was over here," said Vivian Spuehler-White, store manager.

According to police, the man behind the wheel drove about 100 feet away, removed the plate from the car and took off on foot.

"We hold no animosity.  We're just grateful that a bad situation that could have been worse, but it wasn't," said Spuehler-White.

The cleanup began on Friday, with Sphuehler-White feeling unexpectedly restored, thanks to community support.

"I'm just blown away by everybody's, ‘you know, I'm sorry, we're regulars, if you need anything, let us know,' it's just been overwhelming to see just how much the community has risen up to say ‘hey, I'm glad you're okay,'" said Spuehler-White.

Nothing was stolen from the store. Police are asking anyone with information on the driver to come forward.