Capybara brothers receive new home at Gatorland Orlando

Photo from Gatorland

Ben and Jerry, two Capybaras at Gatorland, have received a new home at the animal park.

Capybaras are said to be one of the largest rodents in the world. They are herbivores and very social creatures. 

Gatorland said that Ben and Jerry are moving into Flamingo Island, as they have grown to be 50 pounds and are now large enough for a new home. In their new home, Ben and Jerry share the land with flamingos, waterfowl, turtles, and other critters. 


Photo from Gatorland

"Capybara are partially aquatic mammals so this area allows for them to swim in a large pond where guests can see their natural behaviors and fun personalities," explained Danielle Lucas, Director of Animal Care at Gatorland. "They still have another 10 to 20 pounds to grow."

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Lucas added that once Ben and Jerry are fully acclimated to their new home, there will be interactive guest encounters with them available on Flamingo Island. Guests will be able to feed and pet them. For now, Ben and Jerry can just be watched from the boardwalk across the petting zoo as they swim and frolic around their new home.

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