Buzz is created when tree falls in Altamonte Springs, crushing beehive

A tree falling on Forest Ave. in Altamonte Springs, crushing a beehive inside, releasing thousands of bees into the neighborhood. Neighbors calling the Bee Guy, Dennis Langlois, to help.

"The homeowner cut down the tree, and discovered the bees in it and abandoned the situation." 

Langlois and his team working quickly to try and save the hive, but it was too late. The Queen and her colony, leaving the broken hive. The only thing left behind, honey and ten thousand "robber" bees to steal it. 

The Bee Guy relocates thousands of bees to his property in Oviedo and showed us some of them. He said he was able to save two parts of the comb from the tree in Altamonte Springs, and it will become a hive for his bees.

He reminds the residents in Altamonte Springs not to spray bees they see because that poison could affect hundreds of colonies, not just the one.