Burglar uses old church to break into business

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A burglar broke into a church and knocked a hole in the wall to gain access to a restaurant. He didn’t get away with much, but left behind a lot of damage. The manager said he wants to find the man responsible, but he doesn’t want him to go to jail, but rather put on an apron and work for him.

The church recently moved out of the location. The suspect was able to get the church’s back door open, then punched a hole through the wall to gain access next door.

"He's too stupid to go to jail," said Ray King, Georgia Potato Factory

King said after watching the surveillance video which shows the young man coming through the wall and heads straight for the cash register, which was open until the burglar closed it.

"He didn't have to do any damage to it at all. If he had a little bit of education, he would know all he had to do was hit the cash open, right there available to you," said King.

King said he leaves it opens, so if someone did break in they would see there's no cash inside. The burglar pulled the cash register out of the counter and tries to leave through the back door.

"He drops the key out of the back door, he can't get out," said King.

Ray said seeing this video doesn't make him angry, but actually feel bad for the burglar.

"Clearly this guy is really uneducated. If he comes here and submits a resume I would hire this guy because he needs a mentor in his life. He's obviously a young guy and he needs to come in and actually get a job so I can’t teach him how to make five times more than what he actually took," said King.

Ray said he's worried that if this young man stays on this path, he will be dead.

"We can't build a society or improve on what we are until we learn how to grab our youth, uplift them and bring them up to our place. I was born and raised in the neighborhood; I know the trials and tribulations he's going through. I think at this point, somebody helped me. So, I need to help him he needs a mentor," said King.