BurgerFi debuts facial recognition

A simple smile may be all it takes to order up your favorite burger from now on.

BurgerFi is debuting facial recognition technology at their new locations in Oviedo and Winter Garden. Customers can step up to a self-serve kiosk, select the facial recognition option, and after a quick scan they can view and select from their previous orders at the restaurant.

“They pay right here, they grab their pager, and they go have a seat; hang out till their order comes up,” said local BurgerFi Franchise Partner Daryl Baer.

Baer said the tech is ideal for “regular” repeat customers or on corporate orders where the customer usually makes the same order and wants to get in and out a bit quicker. He said most customers will likely opt to continue to the counter, but it’s a high-tech option they decided to try out.

Every use of the facial recognition comes with a disclaimer message assuring that the customer’s facial geometry will be stored for up to 3 years and only used at that store to order food. The message states the information will never be given out unless required by law enforcement.

Additionally, the system just stores people’s orders with the snap shot of their face. A credit card has to be physically swiped to pay.