Brevard Public Schools expands Mental Health Assistance Plan

Brevard Public Schools has announced that to meet students' mental health needs, in addition to new state requirements, they have created a comprehensive Mental Health Assistance Plan and hired 16 school social workers, four school psychologists, and five instructional assistants.

The expanded supports and procedures will, according to them, provide direct access to a continuum of mental health supports for students and families, and promotes a positive school climate.

Brevard Public School has reportedly received a mental health assistance allocation of $1.7 million from the state to meet the mandates set by the bill. The district is using the allocation to expand the existing school-based mental health care and access to mental health services for students. . 

The plan address requirements set by Senate Bill 7026, a bill focused on school security and student mental health in Florida, and created following the February 2018 shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High in Broward County. 

Melissa Catechis, director of Student Support Services, said: “Safe, caring and well-managed learning environments are critical components of promoting positive mental health growth. This is done by promoting a positive school culture and climate. A positive school climate is driven by staff and adults creating, implementing, modeling and reinforcing the positive attitudes, beliefs and values of their school.”