Brevard County School District joins class-action lawsuit against Juul

The Brevard County School District on Tuesday voted four to one to get involved in a class-action lawsuit against, Juul Labs, alleging the e-cigarette maker has deliberately marketed and sold the devices to teenagers.

The privately held company has been besieged by legal troubles, including multiple investigations by Congress, federal agencies and several state attorneys general.

The lawsuit argues that Juul’s past marketing efforts online and in major U.S. cities used bright colors and youthful models to attract underage users. Federal law bans sales to those under 18.

"We’re seeing students not only vaping regular tobacco products but also THC products," said Dist. 1 School District Representative Misty Belford, "and it’s really been an issue and unfortunately they are not aware of the dangers."

In the previous school year, officials in Brevard County said there were 329 suspensions related to vaping products. 

Federal health officials are expected to soon release plans for removing most vaping flavors from the market, and Juul has said it will support and comply with that government policy.

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