Brevard County residents prepare for Cat 3 Dorian

Some Brevard County residents started the day on the phone to tree trimming services as they made preparations for Hurricane Dorian.

Monitoring the track and intensity of the storm, Matthew Wolf says he had couldn't wait any longer. The large trees in front of his home had to be trimmed.

"We are concerned about the power lines. The trees are over the power lines, and we didn't want to lose power or cause an incident where everyone loses power because of us," he said.

James Falvey, owner of Tree Tech Pros, LLC, says he has been very busy in the last couple of days.

"The phone calls are coming in like crazy." 

The Brevard County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is watching the storm very closely as well. They say while we are approximately five days away from a potential landfall, they are already preparing by looking at potential shelter openings, sandbag distribution sites and how they will transport citizens with special needs. 

EOC officials say you should have a hurricane preparedness kit ready throughout this season which includes at least a gallon of water per person in your home, nonperishable meals, medicine refills and pet food for your four legged friends.

If you need more information from the Brevard County EOC, you can stay up to date with them by going to their Facebook page,, or on Twitter,