Brand new 'First Responder's Coffee Company' benefiting Florida front liners

A 9th generation Floridian who spent 20 years fighting the war on terror is back home now to show his appreciation for local first responders – and he’s doing it with coffee. 

Brent Tucker, owner and founder of the brand new, First Responder’s Coffee Company, is committed to selling coffee with a purpose, which is to help fund training and equipment for front liners with proceeds of sales.

"After retiring from the military, I started training law enforcement, and the need was obvious," Tucker said. "Guys were buying their own equipment. Guys were paying for their own training, and it was just more than I could bear." 

Inside shiny colored bags is either light, medium, or dark roasted organic, gourmet Brazilian coffee. The colors indicate different first responders. 

Red goes to firefighters. Blue for the police. Green goes to sheriffs’ deputies. White supports EMS. And the newest bag is black, for our K9 officers. 


So all of that brew and merchandise sold on contributes to helping our bravest and finest. "They have a tough job. And, you know, there's no way we can tell them thanks enough," Tucker said. 

Tucker's family is a 9th generation Floridian and after the 9/11 attacks, he felt the calling to serve his country. 

"I watched the second plane fly into the tower. And I knew immediately that I had to do something," he said. "By September 27th, I was at the recruiter's office, and by the end of the year, I was in basic training on my way to war. And I really just thought I'd do a four-year stint and get out. I had no aspiration of being a Green Beret or jumping out of airplanes or diving into the ocean."

He ended up serving ten years as a Green Beret and another decade as a top-tier Delta Force operator, fighting the war on terror. 

"By the end of my career. I was in Syria, which I would say was probably one of the most rewarding places that I worked because ISIS was just so deserving to meet the Delta Force," Tucker said.  All while nursing an arm injury for which he received a Purple Heart, and fathering four children with his wife back in Central Florida. It seems Brent deserves his own colored bag of coffee for this bravery. 

But even this globetrotting superhero soldier knows what is true for all of us, and said, "It’s local law enforcement that’s going to save my family. If something happens to my kids, it's firefighters and paramedics who are going to save my family. So that's who I want to invest in right now, because that's the community I live in."

An investment toward a source of comfort. Much like a cup of joe.