Boy saves allowance to give deputies gift cards

A Flagler County child giving all he can this holiday season -- saving up his allowance for a whole year, to help others.

Donning a toy police badge sticker, Jeff Foust definitely has a name in law enforcement.  In fact, in his blood, with both parents having served in uniform.  Jeff said it was his father who showed him the pride of the badge. 

"He was chasing bank robbers and stuff like that," he explains.

Unfortunately, Jeff also learned the heartbreak of the profession, having lost his father  seven years ago.

"Yeah it was really rough," Jeff adds.

But though his hero's gone, Jeff learned at a young age that law enforcement are family.

All year, the 11-year old set aside hundreds of dollars to let Flagler County sheriff's deputies know someone's got their back.

"I save up my allowance and give," Jeff says. "They all get a 10 dollar gift certificate!"

Enough for a meal, but it means so much more coming from someone like Jeff, Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly says. 

"What an amazing young man! Here's a young man that was faced with tragedy in his life, and he just turned it around," the sheriff says.

In a surprise twist, Sheriff Staly told Jeff that he would be participating in the "Christmas with a Deputy" event for his kind heart and generosity.  

"I'm glad they're happy," Jeff says with a smile. "They get to eat in memory of my dad!"

According to the Sheriff’s Office, many deputies chose to use Jeff’s gift to “pay it forward” and add the gift card to the holiday shopping experience of the child they accompanied to the "Christmas with a Deputy" event.