Boy gets enhanced mobility with gift of special scooter

Austin Hertz is not letting his muscular dystrophy slow him down.  It makes it hard for him to get around, but it's not taking his smile away from him.

When we caught up with the 11-year-old, he was sitting pretty on a $1,200 scooter.  Thanks to a friend at Buena Vista Scooter Rentals, it didn't cost his family a dime.

"It was one of those things we said, hopefully it will work out and of course it did," said Austin's dad, Jeremy Hertz.

The new scooter is big enhancement to Austin's mobility.

"I use to be really slow. I would be late to my classes but now I have a scooter!" Austin said.

Austin's friends are now admittedly a little jealous, because soon, the scooter will be decked out in the colors of the Florida Gators, through the artistry of the people at Media 1 / Wrap This.  

"My dad loves the Gators, and he'll watch the games a lot, so I'll just watch with him," Austin explained.  "Yeah, I really like that part."

"Having this, it really helps him get around, just like everybody else," said Tim Riedel, general manager of Buena Vista Scooter Rentals. "He just happens to be rolling!"

Rolling on three wheels and a smile.