Boy, 4, phones for help when mom has epileptic seizure

When you're a parent, your top job is to always be there for your kids, especially when they are young.  But a four-year-old in Lake County is being called a "superhero" for helping his mom, possibly saving her life.  Even the Mayor of Mount Dora recognized Liam Worfel for his smart actions.

His mom, Heather Coburn had an epileptic seizure.   She was home alone with Liam and his one-year-old brother.   Her seizure dog was out with her boyfriend.  Liam took her phone and called her emergency contacts.

"I'd been teaching him to go through my phone, my medical ID is in there, and he went in there and just started pushing numbers," said Coburn.  "He called Tommy, my dad, and then he got a hold of my grandma."

When Liam reached Grandma, she called 911, and then a dispatcher called Liam.  

"I tell mommy to get up!" Liam said.  

EMS crews arrived at their Mount Dora home and managed to revive Heather.

"They had to administer medical, or medications, thru an IV to wake me up.  I wasn't waking up," Coburn said.

It becomes very clear during our interview with this little superhero that though he doesn't fully understand what happened or what he did.  He knows it was very serious.

"It's kind of terrifying, a lot terrifying.  I'm  just so proud of him, and it's nice to know as a parent he was actually listening to me about what to do during an emergency."