Body cam shows suspect sleeping in someone's truck before carjacking, deputies say

A 25-year-old man is accused of attempting to steal a bucket truck used by a crew working on power lines in Flagler County. 

Eric Christian Marcotte had a couple of encounters with the law earlier this month, according to sheriff's deputies. 

A deputy found him one night, snuggled between two car tires in the back of a stranger’s truck, according to a report.  The incident was captured on the deputy's body-worn camera.

"He jumped in someone’s truck and he’s under a bunch of stuff," the deputy can be heard saying in the video.  "What are you doing?" he asked the man, later identified as Marcotte.

Shortly after deputies woke him from his sweet slumber, he asked for water and then made a run for it. 

"He obviously was on some kind of narcotic. He was obviously having some kind of mental health episode," explained Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly.

Deputies never caught up to him, but hours later, Sheriff Staly said the man decided to hop into someone else’s truck. This time it was a utility truck along State Road 100 in Bunnell. 

"The other worker tried to stop it and got dragged. It could have killed that guy," said Staly. 

He said the worker let go after about 50 feet and wound up being okay. 

Volusia County sheriff's deputies caught Marcotte the next day and took him into custody. He now has quite the list of charges in Volusia and Flagler counties. 

"Drugs will make you do stupid things," Sheriff Staly said.

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