Bill filed in Florida Legislature to help stop Asian hate, lawmakers say

Florida students could be learning more about Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) history in class, helping to stop Asian hate. 

A bill would make AAPI history part of the K-12 curriculum. Make Us Visible Florida worked with Sen. Linda Stewart and State Rep. Anna Eskamani, to file the legislation. 

It would be taught in social studies class with other history lessons, like the Holocaust and slavery.  

"This is something that would be integrated into an everyday class setting when it comes to social studies. And so our hope is that it is something that students have more exposure to," said Rep. Eskamani, D-Orlando.

Lawmakers hope it helps stop attacks on the Asian American community nationwide.  

"I had talked with our Orange County School Board lobbyist and they’re on board. They think it’s a good idea. They would be the ones implementing it," explained Sen. Stewart, D-Orlando.

Orange County has the second-highest Asian population in Florida behind Broward County. If approved the lessons would start in 2022.

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