Police chief warns Bike Week attendees to be safe, avoid 'shenanigans'

Caught on camera: a daredevil in Daytona Beach jumping over a draw bridge as Bike Week gets underway.

With the pandemic and reduced capacity, there was some concern that Bike Week might not be the same. But if this video proves one thing, it’s that it’s just as wild as ever.

Just six seconds of video tweeted out by the Daytona Beach Police Chief proves one thing: Bike Week shenanigans are here.

Chief Jakari Young is warning Bike Week attendees to "please be safe and be smarter than this guy." The chief wasn’t available after he sent the tweet, but Thursday he told FOX 35 News that he had no doubts this year’s Bike Week would be as crazy as ever, despite the pandemic.

"I think their mindset is, if you’re afraid, don’t come. Stay home. So those that are coming, they’re looking to party and they’re looking to make up for lost time," said Chief Young.

Bikers certainly are.

"This is my first time here and it’s been pretty wild so far. I’ve seen just about…anything you can do on a bike, I’ve pretty much seen it in the first two days," said Jay Roblez, who’s visiting Bike Week from New York.

Some say that behavior comes with the territory.

"There’s always going to be somebody. There’s always going to be one in the crowd that gets a little bit wild, does a little bit crazy thing," said Kelly Slane, who’s visiting Bike Week from Pennsylvania.

As of now, there are no charges pending against the guy who drove over the draw bridge but that might change if they do happen to find him.

Chief Young says he put this video out as a warning to drivers to be safe.