Bike Week enthusiast has plans to develop Main Street in Daytona Beach

Take a light stroll down Main Street in Daytona Beach and you’ll see not one, not two, but many vacant buildings. 

Some of them are used for temporary space during big event weeks.

“Keeping spaces empty for vendors during the events has kind of caused it to look like a ghost town every other day of the year,” said Victory Tattoo Owner Bobby Ellis.

Now, a Canadian businessman is looking to change that. 

So why does he care about Daytona Beach? 

“He found Daytona Beach being a 22-year enthusiast about Bike Week, 22 Bike Weeks in a row,” said Realty Pros Assured Realtor Sheriff Guindi.

That’s right, now the businessman worked with Guindi to buy 504 and 604 Main Street. 

He wants to keep that busy Bike Week spirit alive year-round with plans to convert these spots to retail spaces, apartments and possibly a boutique hotel. 

“He wants to impact it. He thinks it just unfortunate that it’s been floundering for years,” Guindi said.

The realtor says Main Street in Daytona Beach has been like this for 30 years and the only way to change it is with somebody who has a vision and a lot of money.

Whatever his plans are, other business owners on the street are revved up for more business that’s not just built around bikes. 

“I think it’d be great. I think the street needs more year-round businesses here to revive,” Ellis said.