Caught on camera: Bear damages Leesburg family fence

A security camera from a home in Leesburg caught a big bear on camera.

"I was scared. My husband was already walking towards the door to go out and I started screaming from the hall, ‘Don’t go outside! It’s a bear!’"

Michelle Lyn just moved to the Meadow Ridge at Grand Island Community. She didn’t expect to see a bear in her yard.

"Probably half the size of my husband’s car," she said.

It happened Sunday night. Lyn says the bear tore up her fence. Other communities around Central Florida are also seeing bears.

"While our bears here in Florida don’t necessarily hibernate, they do forage, they do realize that things are going to be less available as we move in."

Isaac Rempe, of Affordable Wildlife Removal, said bear sightings tend to tick up during the fall season.

"We recommend that people de-scent around their garbage can using vinegar or bleach," he said.

Rempe says making sure your trash is securely shut and getting rid of clutter can keep bears away.

"Most animals are passing through. They are not going to spend a lot of time there. They aren’t there to interrupt our lives," he said.

If you need wildlife removal help, visit this website for more information.