Baskin-Robbins unveils new spicy ice cream flavor with ghost peppers

The new Spicy ‘n’ Spooky ice cream flavor (Credit: Baskin-Robbins)

Baskin-Robbins has dropped a Halloween-inspired flavor of the month for October that will spook your taste buds, and customers who wish the try the spicy treat can get save on scoops later this month. 

The ice cream chain announced the new "Spicy ‘n’ Spooky" ice cream flavor that is available at stores throughout the month. The flavor combines white chocolate ghost pepper-infused ice cream with dark chocolate ice cream and spicy blood orange flakes. 

"This unique flavor experience elevates Baskin-Robbins’ darkest chocolate flavor yet with the unexpected cool heat of White Chocolate Ghost Pepper Ice Cream and pops of sweet spice from Blood Orange Flakes," Baskin-Robbins said in an announcement last week. "While each individual flavor component stands out on its own, every scoop comes together in a blend of spicy and sweet for those who have what it takes to give it a try."

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Jeanne Bolger, Baskin-Robbin’s director of research and development, said the company is aways seeking ways to "push boundaries and incorporate exciting new ingredients" into its ice cream. Baskin-Robbins has more than 1,400 flavors in its library. 

"We’re excited to evoke the spookiness that comes with the season, using flavor elements we’ve never offered before in an ice cream, and we’re looking forward to guests’ reactions for those who are brave enough to try Spicy ‘n Spooky," Bolger said. 

Baskin-Robbins also debuted "Trixie the Ghost Cake" for Halloween parties this month. The cake, which features a cobweb bow and whimsical ghostly features, can be made with any ice cream flavor, the company said. 

The cake can be pre-ordered online, on the Baskin-Robbins mobile app, or by contacting a local Baskin-Robbins shop.


Trixie the Ghost Cake (Credit: Baskin-Robbins)

How to save on ice cream at Baskin-Robbins

As part of the announcement, Baskin-Robbins also said it’s offering discounted ice cream on Oct. 31. 

Customers can get 31% off all scoops nationwide on the 31st of each month as part of its Celebrate 31 deal

Those who download the company’s mobile app and sign up for deals can also get an additional "buy one, get one 50% off" deal on pre-packed ice cream quarts.

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This story was reported from Cincinnati.