Bail bondsman chases man who tries to skip town on his bond

A bail bondsman chased down a man in Brevard County after he tried to skip town on his bond.

The suspect, 31-year-old Pedro Lopez, looked a little banged up after deputies say he tried to skip town on his bond. His bondsman was not having it though, as they say around noon on Monday, he tracked the man down and found him in his blue, four-door Dodge in Cocoa. 

A chase ensued and deputies say that Lopez smashed into two cars along Fiske near I-95 in Rockledge to try and get away. Deputies say that the suspect then took off running, with his bondsman right behind him. They say the bondsman caught up and got the suspect on the ground until deputies arrived.

The bondsman then showed deputies how he says he saw the suspect toss a gun over a retention pond fence. Sheriff's divers summoned to the scene combed through the grass filled water, but say they didn't find any weapons. 

Deputies put cuffs on the suspect's hands and feet, so he wouldn't run away again.