Baby boy left in hot car, father arrested

A baby boy is lucky to be alive after orange county deputies say the infant was rescued from being inside a hot car in a Home Depot parking lot for nearly an hour.
Strapped in a car seat inside of a locked car with the windows up in the middle of a hot afternoon, all while the baby boy’s father, Rafael Penna, shopped for nearly an hour, according to the Orange County arrest affidavit.
“Thank goodness there was a good Samaritan there who flagged down our deputy,” said Jane Watrel, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office public information officer.
According to the report, the deputy said the baby’s face appeared dark purple with his arms moving frantically and his face trying to cry.

Using his baton, the deputy broke the driver’s window and quickly got hold of the baby whose body was hot and clothes soaked in sweat.
“We think this is just nothing short of a miracle that this child survived,” Watrel said.
While medical responders were on the scene, the baby’s father walked out of Home Depot and told law enforcement that he forgot the child was in his car.
The father was arrested and charged with child abuse and leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle.
“Can’t even imagine how hot it was,” Watrel said.
Officials with the Children’s Safety Village said kids heat up three to five times faster than adults.
“By 107 degrees, organs begin to shut down, cells are damaged and at that point death occurs,” spokesperson Carissa Johns said.

A necessary reminder for folks to look before you lock.

Experts said a helpful tip is to put your phone or wallet in the backseat when loading your kids