Authorities investigate arson as possible cause of fire in New Smyrna Beach

Trees engulfed in flames, heavy smoke billowing towards the sky -- authorities are now investigating if an arsonist is to blame for three brush fires in New Smyrna Beach.

“The total area for all three fires is approximately three acres, the third fire was the largest of the three that consumed almost two acres,” said Anna Hackett with the City of New Smyrna Beach

The largest fire was right next to the train tracks which sent dozens of railroad ties up in flames, four different agencies worked into the evening to contain the three acre blaze.

“Where the fire was located was on the Y tracks, of the rail system,” Hackett said.

As a result of the lack of water in this area, fire officials say they had to run a line over these train tracks, through a canal and through the woods to get water from a nearby Wendy's.

Video from New Smyrna Beach Fire captures the scene as firefighters were finally able to get water to the flames.

The Florida Forest Service tell us the fact there was no lightening in the area around the time of fires leads them to believe that the fire was man made,

“We always want to remind folks to be very cautious and safe around dry areas, this time of year it's very dry," Hackett said.