Attorney arrested for DUI accused of flashing badge

An attorney with Florida’s Office of Statewide Prosecution has resigned after being accused of flashing his badge to try to get out of trouble.  Court documents show that Brent Riggle, 34, was pulled over near the intersection of North Garland and Amelia Street in Downtown Orlando on August 19.  

A Florida State Highway Patrol trooper claims he saw Riggle try to drive away from a collision with at Lynx bus.  In his report, the trooper states that when he approached the vehicle he noticed damage to Riggle’s silver car, an “obvious odor of an alcohol beverage,” blood shot eyes, and slurred speech. 

The trooper states that when he asked Riggle to step out of the vehicle, Riggle opened his walled, and the trooper “observed a gold badge with lettering on it 'Assitant Statewide Prosecution Brent Riggle #164.'”  The troopers report continues, “I explained to him that doesn’t matter now.  Due to the fact, all the observations I’ve made.” 

You can't really be charged with a crime for something like that unless it's a fake badge or you're trying to bribe a public official by virtue of your employment.  It's certainly ill-advised and doesn't look very good if that's what actually happened,” said defense attorney Whitney Boan.   Boan does not represent Riggle.               
In an emailed statement the Attorney General’s office told FOX 35, "Employees shall not use, or attempt to use, their official position for personal gain or confidential information for personal advantage."  A spokesman for the Attorney General’s office said Riggle resigned in lieu of termination on August 21.
Riggle began working at the Office of Statewide Prosecution in Orlando in January 2014. 

Attempts to contact Riggle at his home were unsuccessful.   According to the police report he refused a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer.  Riggle told the officer he had only one beer. Boan said that because of the alleged crash, Riggle could face up to a year in prison along with other consequences including fines and losing his license.