Atlanta woman buys meal for veteran in need

Photo: Kimberly Schintzius/Facebook 

An Atlanta woman’s act of kindness is gaining a lot of attention on Facebook.

Last week, Kimberly Schintzius said she was near Centennial Olympic Park playing Pokemon Go when she was approached by a frail looking, older man on a worn out bike.

“I know I must have appeared lost, looking at my phone screen and walking around trying to find a specific Pokemon near me,” she said.

The man asked Schintzius if she needed help getting somewhere and she told him no and explained she was playing the popular game.

The man, identified as Daniel Wise, had no clue what Pokemon Go was, so the young woman explained it to him.

“He was wondering what all these young people walking around with their phones doing funny things were doing,” Schintzius said. “He then thanked me for being so kind and walking and talking with him instead of pretending he doesn't exist.”

Wise told Schintzius most people ignore him when he tries to offer directions or start conversations with people.

Schintzius was on her way to dinner when she met the stranger and he ended up asking her if he could have something to eat. He told her he didn’t want money for alcohol or cigarettes, but he really wanted some food.

“Since I was just going to get myself some pasta salad I went ahead and ordered a whole meal that came with pasta salad as a side and I just kept the side for myself and handed him the rest of food I had ordered for him.”

Schintzius said the gesture brought tears his eyes and Wise asked politely if he could give her a hug. She told him “of course” and that’s when she asked if she could take a picture with him in return.

"I told him I wanted to share this story with my friends on Facebook."

As she was walking away, Wise told her his name.

“My name is Daniel Wise, I am a Vietnam Veteran and from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for the kindness you showed me today and letting me see that there are still young people like you out there who do selfless things like this in a world that often turns its back on old men like me and pretends we don’t exist,” he told her.

Schintzius said it warmed her heart to help him out and lift his spirits with a simple conversation.