Atlanta Police: Man shot, killed at murder vigil

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Police are investigating after a man was shot and killed during a murder vigil in southeast Atlanta Wednesday night. 

Investigators said as many as 200 people gathered Wednesday evening at an apartment complex on Thomasville Road. The crowd scattered when at least two people got into an argument, pulled guns and started firing. 

A 27-year-old man was hit and killed during the shootout. Detectives aren't sure if he was involved in the dispute or just an innocent victim shot in the crossfire. Investigators also don't know if the man lived in the complex or came to take part in the vigil.

Late Monday night, another shootout took place in the same area. That left one man dead and one other injured. Detectives aren't sure if the vigil gunfight was connected to the earlier killing.

Police said there was chaos when the vigil shooting took place, as the crowd ran for cover. Officers had to call for back-up to help calm things down. 

Detectives found themselves interviewing dozens of witnesses, but said no arrests have been made in either killing.