As weather warms up, gator found on doorstep of Cocoa apartment

The Cocoa Police Department says that a 9-foot gator was removed from the front door step of a Cocoa apartment.

They say officers responded to the local apartment complex after receiving a call from worried neighbors about a gator roaming the parking lot. Upon arrival at approximately 3:30 p.m., officers say they saw the gator park himself of the front door step of an apartment unit. 

Officers went on to say that they immediately contacted the state requesting a gator trapper. After about 20 minutes, the trapper arrived. With the assistance of police, the gator was safely removed. 

According to state wildlife officers, it is common for gators to roam during warm weather searching for water. Experts advise the public if a gator is seen outside its normal habitat, not to feed it or attempt to go near it. Call local law enforcement or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Service to have the gator removed.