Arrests made in Lake County AT&T robbery

Detectives in Lake County were looking for two suspects in a cell phone robbery. The thieves swiped all the phones off the displays at the AT&T stores on County  Road 44 in Eustis. All of it happened in front of shocked customers.

"At some point, the manager of the store tried to shut the door seeing what was happening, but one of the individuals pushed her out of the way.   The individuals fled the store...and it wasn't until one of our good customers observed males leaving the store with phones in their hands that they thought it was suspicious" said Detective Ronnie Morales with the Eustis Police Department.

Customers were able to give a good description to police of the car the two men drove off in. A short time later, police were able to track the car down and take both suspects and a driver in. Police also found all of the stolen phones, which included two iPhones and a Samsung.

"There has been a rise in this type of crime, not particularly this area. Seminole, Orange, we have an ongoing investigation with these type of crimes" said Morales.

All of the stolen phones were demos. Police urged cell phone stores to only put out demos, and hope eventually the word will spread among thieves and the crimes will stop.