Arrests made in counterfeit cash investigation

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Volusia County deputies say they busted some people for making $100,000 in counterfeit cash.

Deputies say the investigation all started, after two people started buying items at a Deltona Walmart with counterfeit money. Deputies arrested, 47-year-old Audrey Campbell and 55-year-old Fred Paqua for making the alleged funny money.Pictures show they used a printer to create in excess of $100,000 at this home off of Foothill Farms Road.

"The cops did say there's a lot going on in the area right now," said neighbor Megan Foxberger.

She said she recently got stuck with a counterfeit bill at work and is glad law enforcement officers are cracking down on the counterfeit cash.

"Then I had to wonder, could I be sitting in jail for counterfeit money that ended up in my pocket and had no clue about. Trying to get a lawyer and proving that I didn't make that money. I'm glad they're getting them."

Deputies say a total of six people were also arrested on various charges,ranging from possession of drugs to retail theft  and resisting an officer without violence.They were booked after deputies showed up with a search warrant this morning.

Wallaker said, "Four, unmarked cop cars parked outside the house. Then two police cars watching the exit and entrance."

We tried seeing if anyone would talk, but no one answered the door. Residents say the home often attracts many strange their quiet neighborhood.

Neighbor Jeanelle Fowler said, "There's been a lot of people out here that come to that house. Some that we don't want here."

Foxberger hopes, the arrests will help cut down on counterfeit money around town.

"I'm glad they caught someone. When it ends up in my own pocket."

Deputies say they also recovered stolen items from a burglary in Deltona and a gun in Orange City.
They say additional charges are pending.