Apopka police officers mow lawns for community members in need

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It's not too often you see a lawn mower with flashing lights and a police officer in uniform pushing it outside, but these Apopka officers have a goal to get 50 lawns mowed for community members in need.

Rodney Smith, the CEO of Raising Men/Women Lawn care, is doing a 'Mowing with Cops' tour of the United States. He got national attention for traveling around the country mowing lawns. Now, he is inviting officers in all 50 states to help him.

Apopka Police Chief Mike McKinley said that "they've been going across the city of Apopka with the assistance of other police officers, the mayor and myself to mow yards for those in need. Single mothers that needed their yards mowed, people who are disabled and weren't able to take care of their lawn at this particular moment."

The original challenge started with a call to kids to get involved and give back to their communities. Right now, about 500 kids are committed to the cause.

Smith told Fox 35 that "Once they mow 50, I drive to wherever they are and do lawns with them. I also give them brand new lawn mowers, weed eaters, and blowers."

Now, Apopka is calling on all Florida police departments to take on the '50-Yard Challenge.'

Tarriyah Baker told Fox 35 that it was a big help when Apopka police officers showed up in her yard to take on the work. She also said that the challenge is "a great chance for the police and the community to really build a bond together."​​​​​​​