Apopka man wants more to be done after he says his window was shattered by projectile

An Apopka man says he has filed a complaint with the Orange County Sheriff's Office saying they didn't do enough after he believes his truck was targeted by gunfire.

"Driving down the street, and all of a sudden my window shattered," said Chris Burton.

Burton was driving on a road five minutes from his home when he pulled over to find a hole in his window and two dents on the side of his truck.

At first, he worried it could be a bullet, but now thinks it's something smaller like a pellet.

"It may have flown right past me because it was about shoulder height right through the window," Burton said.

Burton called 911 and was met by an Orange County Deputy.

"[They] came back and told me that they found two individuals down there, guy and a girl who had drugs on them and that was the end of the investigation," Burton said.

FOX 35 News reached out to the sheriff's office to ask about it.

A spokesperson said via email that they are no longer investigating, adding that deputies spoke with two other people nearby about the incident, but they weren't arrested.

The Sheriff's Office says no one on scene filled out paperwork and there was no report made, but Burton says he wasn't asked to file one.

He's now filing a formal complaint, saying they should have done more.

"I would figure property damage or possible bodily injury from something like that, I thought it would be escalated a little bit further than that," Burton said.

Burton says his main concern is safety on the road he uses to drop his kids off at school every day, and worries about what could have happened if someone was sitting in his passenger seat.

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