Union: No confidence in Apopka fire chief after Austin Duran's death

Firefighters told the Apopka City Council on Wednesday that they want the fire chief to step down. At times the meeting got heated. They say not enough changes have been made to make it safe, after one of their own,25-year-old Austin Duran, was killed.

"That’s my son, that’s what you did. You can’t even look at it. My family has to live with it. Your inactions." 

Michael Duran gave council members a picture of his son in the hospital, after a trailer full of sand fell on him, killing him." Duran said since then, Fire Chief Sean Wylam hasn’t done enough to make safety changes. "Our fire chief is not qualified to make changes. He never reached out to Austin or my family or the mayor."


Lt. Alex Klepper of the Apopka firefighters union said, "We ask you to remove Sean as Fire Chief. He has shamefully failed to stand up for or defend his firefighters who have a suffering a tragedy."  

The head of the union said the majority of Apopka firefighters want Chief Wylam removed.

"Eighty-five percent voting that they have no confidence to lead Apopka Fire Department forward," Lt. Alex Klepper added.

Duran said the council should hire Gannon Emergency Solutions to come in and make changes after the city had them make a report on proposed safety changes. He’s mad over the delay. "Apopka is not proud. You are destroying it. You took Austin and you destroyed our family forever and destroyed our fire department." 

We reached out to Chief Wylam, and he told us he didn't want to comment. He said he'll make a statement to the council when it's time.