Anthony Todt trial: Jurors see video interview between Todt and Osceola County deputies

After finishing up witness testimony on Wednesday in the murder trial for Anthony Todt, the state rested its case on Wednesday. The defense will then present its case.

On Tuesday, jurors seated for the trial were shown a 2020 video interview between Todt and Osceola County deputies where he allegedly told them how he killed his family – and why.

Todt is on trial for the 2019 deaths of his wife, three kids, and a family dog inside their Celebration, Florida home. Police discovered the family's remains after an out-of-state family member became concerned and requested multiple welfare checks.

Prosecutors alleged that Todt continued to live in the house weeks after his family was killed. 

In the video, Todt tells investigators that he and his wife Megan had a so-called apocalyptic death pact and watching videos about the world coming to an end.

Warning: This story mentions details presented in court about how Todt's family was allegedly killed. Some details may be disturbing to some readers.

"It appealed to her and appealed to me as well. Salvation and everlasting life," he told deputies in the video. He said the family was given Benadryl to make everyone drowsy.

Zoe, who was 4 ½ years old, was killed first. "She rolled and started swiveling and I put a hand over her mouth and laid on her to keep her down and put pillow on top," Todt said in the video.

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He then told investigators that he killed his 13-year-old son Alexander, according to the video. 

"I stabbed him, and he started kicking, was trying to get up and tried rolling. I reached around and held his nose and mouth, and he was rolling and kicking and eventually stopped," Todt said. 

Tyler, 11, died next, followed by Todt's wife, Megan.

"'If you love me, you can do this. I want to be with my babies,'" Tody said his wife told him. "I said ‘why don’t you take more Benadryl so you’re not going to fight me.’ She took more Benadryl."

Todt said he also took Benadryl and tried to take his own life. 

The Medical Examiner previously said that each of Todt's family members had toxic levels of the drug in their systems.

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