Animal refuge damaged by downed trees

An animal refuge needs help after downed trees damaged the refuge.

Christin Burford of the CARE Foundation says wild weather whipped through her wildlife sanctuary, making it stressful on the 200 animals.

"We had quiet a few of them move inside. Almost all the monkeys moved inside, all the big birds, a bunch of the small birds, we had a micro mini pig running around the house. It was total chaos in the house. But we made it ok and everyone was good when the tornado hit."

A worker tries to clear trees out of a gator habitat. Christin says around 12 of them were damaged, during the possible tornado.

"We gotta rebuild some of them. We lost a few of them. Luckily we moved those animals out, they totally demolished those cages. We got a bunch of roofing missing that we have to replace." 

She says this non profit foundation can't afford to remove all these fallen trees. She hopes an arborist or tree removal service will step up and help keep these animals safe.

"The main thing right now is the trees down and the trees that are still hanging. We don't know how to cut these trees down properly or safely."

The CARE Foundation plans to have a fundraiser online to help pay for the damage. You can go to CARE