Angry goose damages home and chases residents after losing partner

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An angry goose is on the loose, chasing kids and damaging homes at a DeBary neighborhood.

People in this DeBary neighborhood are saying that this goose thinks it owns this neighborhood.

He hangs out with his four friends, who are all ducks, as he is not interested in being a part of the other goose clan across the pond.

Some of the neighborhood residents say that he is downright mean, as he is very aggressive. Realtor Leah Jones Digges says that residents are even getting frustrated by his presence. 

Digges went on to say that the goose has not only busted out some screens on these homes, but he's also cracked glass.

Some residents say that he wasn't always this aggressive. He used to have a partner, but when his partner died, he just hasn't been the same since.

Some neighborhood residents have called animal control, who told them to call a trapper. The trapper informed them that they'd have to find a place for the goose to go before they can remove it.

Not everyone wants the goose gone though. 

Resident Jennifer Gesuele says that she would like him to stay, but she would like if he got a new friend so he wasn't so lonely.