Florida Amazon robbery suspects have long criminal history: Deputies

One of the suspects accused of robbing an Amazon driver is facing more charges in Osceola County for a different incident. The victim said they should have already been in jail, because of their long criminal history.

"When I seen that it was scary." Robert Glover is talking about surveillance video of 23-year-old Arkimase Divinard and 24-year-old Joel Aime.

Investigators said they robbed an Amazon driver at gunpoint in Orange County on January 15th.

But two days before that, Glover said Amie was caught on surveillance, at Preston’s Auto Salvage, trying to pry open the office door after, jumping over a fence on his Kissimmee property. "He broke in, came over our gate and was trying to get into our back door to the main part of our office."

"When you get these guys going county to county committing felony type crimes, it’s a concern," said Osceola Sheriff Marcos Lopez.

Lopez thinks both suspects, should have been behind bars, because of their long criminal history.

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The Orange County Sheriff also released this tweet saying, "With 85 felony charges and 11 convictions in their history, we hope they stay locked up." 
Sheriff Lopez says, "I agree."

According to court records, Divinard has 41 felonies and six felony convictions. 

Aime has 45 felonies with 5 felony convictions. One of them a battery case upon his mother. Where she states he has, "mental health issues and abuses drugs." It went on to say."She was visibly scared about him being released and coming back to attack her again." 

Sheriff Lopez said,"If he’s willing to batter his mother, imagine what he’s willing to do to perfect strangers.

Back in 2019, Aime was charged with carjacking, robbery and aggravated assault, but the prosecutors stated, the case was not suitable for prosecution. In fact, both suspects had several cases not suitable for prosecution. 

Lopez said, "When does it end? Do we wait till it gets to 100, and then we start finding something more suitable to prosecute?" 

We asked the State Attorney’s Office for a statement and are still waiting to hear back. Glover said Amie should have been locked up already.

"Definitely don’t need to be on the street with that kind of criminal history," Sheriff Lopez said.

"As crime increases property values go down and no one wants to visit. That's why it's important to keep dangerous criminals locked up," he said.