Amazon making changes at Whole Foods

With Amazon taking over Whole Foods, we decided to take a quick stroll and see how product prices have been impacted.  Not everything is lower, so here's what you to know.

Walk around the store and look for sale items with the big orange signs that read "Whole Foods + Amazon."
Not everything is on sale, but there are several opportunities throughout the store, where you can save money on items such as bananas, fish and rotisserie chicken. The prices range, depending on the item.

"I think that's great, and I see some changes, so I think it's good," said customer Joe Pacheco. "We noticed a little difference on it. Some items were a little more marked down than others, so we took advantage of that."

Amy Dalebelt said the items she purchased weren't any lower.

"Chances are good, but I didn't experience it myself," she said.

Amazon plans to make Amazon Prime the rewards program at Whole Foods.