'Amazing': Florida Education Commissioner touts reopening of schools

Should the way Florida reopened schools serve as a model for the rest of the country? The state's Education Commissioner thinks so.

Education Commissioner Richard Cochran made the comments on Wednesday during a state Board of Education meeting. He explained that the state's schools have yielded "a little over 2,000 per thousand people of exposure. It's an amazing stat. The school districts are doing an amazing job."

He added that of the roughly 18,000 students and faculty who have been asked to quarantine, "we're below 50 of those cases have been traced to the school itself. Which is a worldwide stat that you're not seeing."

More than half of Florida students are learning in-person.

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However, some parents and grandparents question whether things are going quite so well. 

"They did give us updates to let us know which schools are closing and it just seems like a lot," grandparent Bobbie Davis told FOX 35. "They could have thought things through just a little more."

Yolanda Ikner, a parent, said that she and her daughter struggle with Orange County's virtual learning, stating that "it's a struggle. It's tough. I feel like sometimes the teachers are overwhelmed." 

However, she added that she is still pleasantly surprised, as she expected things to be a lot worse.

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There was also some pushback during Wednesday's meeting regarding transparency when it comes to school cases. Commissioner Cochran said that because of privacy laws and concerns, the schools and Department of Health are currently releasing all that they can.

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