AG, law enforcement pushing legislation that protects Florida police K-9s

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and dozens of law enforcement officers gathered in Volusia County in support of legislation that offers more support for police K-9’s

"House Bill 697 and Senate Bill 388 will authorize first responders to provide life-saving care and transportation to police K-9s injured in the line of duty, so long as people at the scene are not injured and need medical attention," Moody said.

Right now, paramedics are not allowed to transport K-9s.

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Attorney General Moody said 130 police dogs were injured while they were on duty across the US last year.

Florida Senator Tom Wright is one of the sponsors of the bill. He said most paramedics already know how to treat animals.

"When that K-9 is hurt, it should be our duty as a state to make absolutely certain that we have tried absolutely everything in our power to save our four-legged officer friend," Wright said.

He said, next week, the bill will be one of the first heard in the Florida Senate for the 2021 session.

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