After over 30 years in prison, Crosley Green reunites with his family

A man who served three decades in prison for a murder he said he did not commit has been released.

"I wanted to feel that first hug from my son. Right now, I am overwhelmed by all of this," said Crosley Green.

It was an emotional embrace from the 63-year-old Green and his son after spending more than 30 years behind bars, all the while claiming he is innocent. 

"I want to thank God that I am standing here today as a free man," Green said. 

Green and his team of lawyers spoke to the media for the first time today, saying a motion granted yesterday let him leave prison. Some reasons for his release were related to COVID-19 health risks given his age, and the fact that Green's sentence in the 1989 shooting was reversed nearly three years ago. 

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"This case was started with a racial hoax. A crime was committed and the explanation was a black guy did it," said Keith Harrison, one of Green’s lawyers.

Here is how the story unfolded. In 1989 Green was convicted of kidnapping and killing Charles Flynn in a Mims orange grove. He spent nearly 20 years on death row, his sentence later taken down to life. His conviction was overturned in 2018, but he remained in prison due to the state appeal. But now, he sees a glimmer of freedom. 

Green’s lawyers tell us he will remain on house arrest until the court of appeals makes a decision on his case. His lawyers say they still don't have a timeline for when they will make a decision. 

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