Advantages of buying a Toyota SUV near Orlando

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Are you thinking about getting behind the wheel of a Toyota SUV near Orlando, but aren’t quite sure if it’s the right decision for you? SUVs are great options for a lot of drivers because of all of the benefits they have to offer! How do you know if you should drive a Toyota SUV? Our Toyota dealership near Orlando is explaining what a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) may have to offer you!

Find out the benefits of driving a new Toyota SUV

Ever since SUVs hit the market in the late 1980’s they’ve continued to grow in popularity. This is because these vehicles have a variety of different benefits to offer drivers. Here’s why you might want to drive a new Toyota SUV near Orlando:


An Orlando Toyota SUV can really help you stand out on the streets. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly ride that’s a stylish alternative to the minivan or a rugged image, you can find it with an SUV! The Toyota Highlander gives you everything you need for your family without sacrificing your image. The Toyota 4Runner has a sleek, yet tough look that demands attention on the road! 


One of the most noticeable things about SUVs is the added space and versatility they have to offer. These new Toyota are great options for families who need more seating and cargo capacity. You won’t find a new Toyota car (besides a minivan) with seating for up to eight people like you can find in the Toyota Highlander near Orlando. You can also fold down the first and second row seats to create more than 80 cu. ft. of cargo space in this Toyota SUV!

Performance capabilities

One of the things that attract drivers most to a new Toyota SUV near Orlando is the performance capabilities it has to offer! Not only can you get features like four-wheel drive with some of our SUVs to give you better handling on the road, you can also get off-roading capabilities! Some of the vehicles in this category, like the Toyota 4Runner near Orlando and the Toyota Land Cruiser, have been known for their abilities to take on off-roading obstacles with ease!

Explore our selection of SUVs at Toyota of Clermont!

If you think a Toyota SUV is right for you, head to our Toyota dealership and check out the options we have to offer! We have six different models to choose from, including a compact SUV and a crossover. Some of these new Toyota include:

  • The Toyota RAV4, which is a compact SUV with great fuel efficiency
  • The Toyota Highlander, which is a family-friendly ride with a ton of space inside
  • The Toyota Land Cruiser, which is our most luxurious SUV
  • The Toyota 4Runner, which is made to take on and off the road

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