'Addicted to being a scumbag': Brevard Co. deputies arrest man who dumped puppies in dumpster

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office found and arrested the man accused of dumping two dogs in a dumpster and leaving them to die.

Singletary was seen dragging two puppies through a parking lot in Melbourne, kicking them, and then throwing them into a dumpster.

In a post on Facebook on Wednesday, Sheriff Wayne Ivey said they found Dallas Singletary and are holding him on a $2,000 bond. The sheriff says he wants the bond to be higher but doesn't have the authority to change that at this time.

"He's addicted to being a scumbag. That's what the problem is," the sheriff said in the Facebook video.

Singletary was charged with two counts of animal cruelty and two counts of misdemeanor animal abandonment. Thankfully, the dogs survived the ordeal because observant citizens spotted what was happening and immediately called the police. One was returned to its owner. The other is going to be adopted by a local family, according to the sheriff's office.

The sheriff says he takes these cases seriously and doesn't tolerate abuse in his county. He also believes hurting an animal can lead to hurting people.

"If you are that evil that you can throw a little helpless puppy into a dumpster for death, you can do that to a human," Ivey said.

In the video, you can see the sheriff walking Singletary into the county jail. Ivey says he does this to raise extra awareness when it comes to animal abuse. He wants to thank the community for helping them track down the suspect.

You can report animal abuse in Brevard County by calling 321-663-2024.