Accused killer Markeith Loyd has court outbursts

Markeith Loyd, the man accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend and an Orlando police officer, interrupted court proceedings on Wednesday, unexpectedly speaking out.  

Loyd said he had his back to Lt. Debra Clayton when she shot at him, contradicting reports by detectives that Loyd fired several shots at Clayton in front of Walmart store on January 9, 2017.

The angry outbursts continued on and off for more than six minutes. Loyd changed subjects several times.  He told the court that he was framed, and so were his people. At one point, he told the judge that God and the truth would prove his innocence.  Loyd also complained about life behind bars.  

“I’m in jail. I haven’t had a hot meal in two years, and the same person feeds you. They own the commissary, so they’re feeding you trash. You gotta have money to buy the commissary,” said Loyd. “I’ve been locked down 23 hours a day.”

Several times during Loyd’s outbursts, Chief Judge Fred Lauten interrupted, encouraging him to stop addressing the court and to speak privately with his lawyer instead.

“I know your situation is frustrating,” Judge Lauten said. “I know you don’t believe it. I’m trying to help you protect your rights.”

At one point Loyd, volunteered the reason he never stands for the judge when he enters and exits the courtroom.  

“You’re not the judge!  God is the judge!  You’re just the referee,” Loyd said.