Florida man who rammed car into Ocala dentist's office charged with DUI, police say

An accused drunk driver is behind bars and a dentist’s office is badly damaged after a crash in Ocala.

Incredible video shows the moments Ocala Police say 22-year-old Gabriel Hausy slammed into Healthy Smiles Dentistry on 10th Street, near the intersection with 2nd Avenue.

He knocked into two walls at Healthy Smiles Dentistry, which will need quite a bit of repair work before things are back to normal. Hausy also destroyed his Chevy Equinox in the process.  

The Ocala Police Department is only a half mile away, so officers arrived quickly after the crash happened.

They said Hausy had run off, but they caught him nearby.

"It’s something where he could have easily lost his life, but luckily no one was injured," said Ocala Police Department Public Information Officer Jeff Walczak.

Police say Hausy had a blood alcohol level of .14 - nearly twice the legal limit.

"Inside his vehicle, there were receipts from a local bar that had alcoholic beverages that were purchased just an hour and a half before the crash," explained Walczak. 

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An accused drunk driver is behind bars and a dentist’s office is badly damaged after a crash in Ocala. [Credit: Ocala Police Dept.]

Right next door to the site of the crash is Ocala Boxing Academy. Boxing Coach Juan Quintero says he often has his trainees running laps in the parking lot, which runs right along 10th street. 

"We have a lot of kids here, and people are speeding all the time," said Quintero. 

He says people drive down that road, "Like there’s no tomorrow."

"The accident was really bad, I hope they can do something about it, because people are driving like mad," he added.

Hausy is no stranger to the law.

He was arrested for domestic battery in 2020. 

He’d also been charged almost exactly a year ago for leaving the scene of an accident with property damage in Hernando County, then fleeing from officers. He was caught in Marion County.

For this recent arrest, Walczak had this message:

"Don’t drink and drive. If alcohol is in your plans, find a ride share company, designate a sober driver, just do the right thing."

Hausy is charged with DUI causing property damage, and for fleeing that scene… plus for resisting arrest. He has a court date coming up February 20th.