Sanford church helps family of Good Samaritan killed helping motorcyclist in hit-and-run

A family is mourning the loss of a mother of four after she was run over and killed while helping a motorcyclist who had been side-swiped by a car. The woman was a volunteer at a Sanford church and often helped others. Now, the church is helping her family.

Pastor Kenneth Clark spoke to his congregation at Action Church in Sanford using Facebook Live. 

He wanted to spread the message about one of his church members who was killed in a hit-and-run crash.

"You may have heard the news that we lost one of our very own. Jenica Campbell lost her life yesterday [Monday]."

Investigators say Campbell, 39, died being a Good Samaritan.  

"As soon as we got the call yesterday, it was within minutes we were there."

The church helped share a GoFundMe page created by Campbell’s husband, Cory.  

On it, he said, "There isn't much I can say in this moment, other than she was a beautiful soul who exuded light and the Love of God to everyone she met."

Pastor Kenneth said, "There’s four girls that are gonna need you, that are gonna need us and so will Cory. So, we’re behind the family. We just ask for a little patience and a little sensitivity."

Sanford police say Campbell stopped to help Vincent Russo, 73, after driver Michael Kraft allegedly side-swiped him.

A witness called 911.

"Some car is behind us. He just ran a motorcycle over and just kept on going. He's behind us now." 

Investigators say Kraft then turned around and hit both Russo and Campbell, killing them.

Bianca Gillett, a Sanford police spokeswoman, said, "The motorcyclist and the Good Samaritan are completely unknown to Kraft. There's no prior motivation there."

Pastor Clark said Campbell was a loving wife and mother.

"Pray for the Campbell’s. Pray for those girls. And if you have finances to be able to go to the GoFundMe or the meal train, that’s a tangible way you can begin to show your love right now."