A first look inside Space Perspective's plans for a floating space lounge experience

The so-called "King of Miami" hospitality is taking his talents to new heights and giving a whole new meaning to flying first-class.

"In my industry, it is all about touching points. This gives a new ‘touching point’ to capture that guest," said Groot Hospitality CEO Dave Grutman.

Grutman is an entrepreneur known for being part of Miami’s hottest nightlife and restaurants. Now, he’s designing a new spot billed as the world's first space lounge..

"We are part of the design for the culinary, the way the service is going to happen, the sequence of service, the atmosphere, the vibe, the energy…but it is space, and I am definitely not getting into the capsule design that is for sure," Grutman said.

Grutman has signed with Space Perspective, a tourism company, to serve as their "experience curator."

A rendering of what Space Perspective's lounge could look like. Photo via Space Perspective.

His vision? He wants to create a luxury balloon ride that will serve Neptune-themed drinks at the edge of space. Grutman said the entire capsule will be designed for comfort with reclining seats, LED lighting, and a view unlike anything on Earth.

"It is not just going into a space experience, it's when you splashdown in the ocean and the yacht that picks you up … what that experience is going to be like," Grutman said.

Space Perspective said flights are not expected to start until 2024. It's not inexpensive; flights start at $125,000 a person, and apparently, 600 tickets have already been booked. 

"You know, listen, I see a lot of opportunities. This one when it came across my desk I said, this is something we have to do," Grutman said.