91-year-old cancer patient knits hats for the homeless

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A 91-year-old man fighting skin cancer still manages to help others. He knits warm hats for homeless people while bedridden in hospice care 

Morrie Boogart, despite being weak and frail with a mass on his kidney, has made more than 18,000 knitted hats. 

Cancer is the last thing on his mind because he says he has more work to do. Boogart's caring heart knows no bounds. 

"I do it awfully slow, it maybe takes me two days to make a hat," Boogart said. "The only time I'm probably not doing it is if I fall asleep." 

Boogart said he makes the hats because it makes him feel good.

"This has been the best thing that's happened to me because I just stay in my room," he said. "I'm a bed patient." 

Boogart has been making hats for homeless people for more than 15 years.