5 construction deaths in 4 years of I-4 Ultimate

Not even four years into the I-4 Ultimate construction project and already five workers have been killed on the job.

A spokesperson for SGL Constructors, the lead company doing most of the work on project, says they are still investigating what caused a large metal support beam collapsing construction crash Saturday, killing one worker and left another with a head injury.  

Orlando Police say 37-year-old Ulises Jesus Corrales Ibarra died after being pinned beneath the collapsed piece of frame work, and 34-year-old David Trajillo suffered a head injury.    

"It's a very risky job for sure," said Hany Elbanna, president of HSE Contractors INC.  

He says his company created the construction schedule for the I-4 Ultimate project, and the resources the project would need from start to finish.  The News Station asked Elbanna if it surprised him that five workers have died since the project began.

"I wouldn't say it' surprises me. I'd say it's very bad news,"  Elbanna said.

For point of reference, Boston's infamous "Big Dig" highway construction project, involving bridges and tunnels, started in 1991.  It took 15 years to complete.  Three workers were killed on the job, and one motorist was killed when construction debris came crashing down from a tunnel ceiling.  

Elbanna said, in his industry, you can't necessarily compare projects, because they're all unique. 

"I-4 Ultimate is unique because A, you're working next to live traffic. B, it's one of the busiest roads in the state of Florida.  In this job in particular there are over 2.5 million man-hours," Elbanna said.

Elbanna said these crews know the risks of their jobs and their bosses remind them safety first every single day.  

"Everybody watches for his teammate to try to help as much as possible. They communicate on a daily bases. They have people walking around the job sites every day, taking pictures, trying to identify any hazards."

Right now, work along the entire 21-mile stretch of the I-4 Ultimate project is suspended.  SGL has not said when construction will start back up again.